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Attack IoT System Unknowns with Tracer Bullets

James Grenning - Watch Now!

This talk will be followed by a Live Q&A Discussion on Zoom.

You have a product idea for using IoT technologies! You have an awesome greenfield development opportunity! Congratulation! You start staring at that clean sheet, that blank page. There are more unknowns than knowns! It's getting scary. What should you do?

This talk is the story of starting a greenfield IoT project. You see there are risks. You are attracted to the familiar tasks. If you defer risks, saving them until the end, it won't end well. In this story we'll look at identifying risks and attacking them directly with tracer bullets, building a walking skeleton of the product. The tracer bullets give you insight on a solution to your technical problem. The walking skeleton helps prove your product concept and demonstrate your ability to deliver it. You'll look at how to make progress with off-the-shelf hardware and software without becoming overly dependent on any vendor.

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Thank you for the great presentation!

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