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Best Practices for Designing IoT Edge Devices

Jacob Beningo- Watch Now - Duration: 44:32

Development teams are always under pressure to deliver faster and at lower costs, but this is becoming more challenging as system complexity has risen exponentially with features for IoT and Machine Learning. The increased complexity can easily handcuff a development team and lead to not just longer development cycles with higher costs but also lower quality products.

In this session, we will explore best practices for developing real-time embedded systems that will help the modern developer stay on track and produce a quality product within their development cycle. We will explore best practices ranging from how to properly architect a system for scalability, how to manage a development cycle, secure and test a system. We will also discuss best practices for using frameworks and open-source software.

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Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Thank you for the very clear presentation, as always!

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Thank you Mr Jacob for this precious presentation.

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | 1 reply

You mentioned that you could provide some more information to encrypting or signing the software for security to update the software over the air. I would be interested in getting additional information and some links about this topic.

Score: 1 | 2 years ago | no reply

We wrote a post on signing firmware updates on Interrupt, complete with the technical bits you would need to implement it yourself. Hope it's helpful.

Score: 0 | 2 years ago | no reply

Excellent presentation as always by Jacob Beningo, thank you very much.