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Hawkbit and SWUpdate for OTA Updates of Linux IoT Devices

Mohammed Billoo- Watch Now - Duration: 39:46

Linux-based IoT devices don't have a flat Flash structure that allows for a straightforward OTA update process. There are a multitude of bootloader, kernel, and root file system combinations that must be taken into consideration, along with the different failure modes. The combination of Hawkbit and SWUpdate aim to standardize the OTA update process for IoT devices running Linux. This session will provide an overview of Hawkbit and SWUpdate, the different components that can be updated, and the different failure modes that are supported. A case study will be presented to demonstrate how to set up Hawkbit and SWUpdate to support OTA updates for a Linux-based IoT device. Finally, ongoing work by the presenter to address current shortcomings will be discussed.

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Thank you for the presentation!

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Good explanation of swupdate and hawkbit.