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How to Implement Agile in An IoT Space

Roula Lombardi- Watch Now - Duration: 26:19

How to Implement Agile in An IoT Space
Roula Lombardi

Agile is one of the most successful methodologies in software development. Agile is being used by the most successful tech companies as well as outside technology, including education, healthcare and HR.  Let's implement Agility in the IoT space.

Key points for talk:

How to implement Agile and reap Agile benefits in an IoT organization:

  1. Quicker delivery to market
  2.  Allow for constant feedback and improvement from the customer, to inspect and adapt product
  3. Empowering teams to self manage to improve process and efficiency
  4. Explore various methods to improve IoT processes through Scrum/Kanban
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Score: 0 | 5 months ago | 1 reply

I'm seeking recommendations to minimize uncertainties when planning achievable workloads for sprints in small, inexperienced development teams. At my workplace, team members frequently rotate with new projects, making it challenging to gauge how much we can commit to sprints or even project scopes given our available resources. While I underwent a Scrum course previously, it wasn't specifically tailored to hardware development, which is our focus. Despite Agile methodologies looking promising on paper, the reality is that sprints often encounter obstacles that stops closing it and the project progress gets clumsy.

Score: 0 | 5 months ago | no reply

Hello Gonzalo,
I would recommend starting with a very conservative commitment for inexperienced development teams. Start with a few user stories and once they get their team dynamics, and realize how much they can deliver, they can increase the velocity they take into a future sprint.
As for uncertainties, focus on creating spike stories to validate assumptions.