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IOT System Security Challenges

Subramaniam Ganesan- Watch Now - Duration: 26:30

In this presentation, IOT embedded system security, software and hardware solutions, security threat due to WiFi/ RF communication, security threats due to advanced wireless sensors, over the air software updating, data routers with cloud-based computing are presented. Need for real time protection, secure protocols for communication, role of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) in IOT are also discussed. Software algorithms, modeling and testing are presented.

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Thank you for the presentation!

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | 1 reply

Connected Automotive cars are IOT devices. How do the safety taken care in Hardware methods.

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In one of the slides, I mentioned the various ways the Cars can be attacked. Each one has to be safe guarded by different techniques. To protect a direct injection of wrong data through OBD Connectors, the internal architecture has Gateways that checks the authenticity of the data. There are Domain Controllers which can block attacks.