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Nobody Likes Static Analysis

Mark Hermeling- Watch Now - Duration: 34:03

Nobody Likes Static Analysis
Mark Hermeling

Nobody likes doing static analysis, but we all know that it helps improve software quality early in the development cycle. In my day-to-day job I see many people struggle with this challenge, especially in deeply embedded projects. In reality though, integrating static analysis is not complicated, the technology exists to turn static analysis into the superpower that enables your development teams to deliver better quality code faster:

  • Integrate static analysis into the workflow, such that it happens automatically
  • Make it easy for developers to understand the results and make corrections
  • Automate acceptance gates
  • Scale compute

This section will be a generic overview of the technology that you can use immediately:
- Integrate static analysis into GitLab, GitHub, Gerrit, BitBucket, Jenkins, ...
- Containers to standardize build environments for native and cross compilation
- Use Kubernetes to scale compute, either in your own data-centre, AWS, GCP, Azure or others
- IDEs to bring the results to developers desktops.

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