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Objectively Measuring the Reliability of IoT Devices

Tyler Hoffman - Memfault- Watch Now - Duration: 36:28

Objectively Measuring the Reliability of IoT Devices
Tyler Hoffman

In the realm of IoT devices, the metric that reigns supreme is device reliability. When managing thousands or even millions of devices, tracking this metric becomes paramount.

While Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) has been a historical stalwart for assessing product stability, its utility diminishes when dealing with extensive device fleets and complex operating patterns.

Join us in this talk as we introduce a groundbreaking metric for evaluating the reliability of expansive device fleets: Failure Free Hours. Discover how this metric unveils the frequency of firmware faults, unexpected device reboots, and core function failures. Through a systematic approach to calculate this metric device operators and engineers gain the power to actively monitor and enhance IoT fleet reliability, thereby ensuring seamless operations and exceptional user experiences.

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Score: 0 | 8 months ago | no reply

Excellent presentation, Tyler! I think the DRE (Device Reliability Engineering) concept will have the same influence and impact in IoT world as SRE had in the world of web app development.

Score: 0 | 8 months ago | no reply

Great presentation Tyler! Very informative and precise.