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The Journey Towards a Secure Industrial IoT Network

Vikram Sharma- Watch Now - Duration: 30:54

Protecting industrial operations against cyber threats is a very specific challenge. As industrial organizations connect more devices, enable more remote access, and build new applications, the airgap between IT and OT networks erodes and the IDMZ falls short of being sufficient. 

Enhancing the security of your industrial network will not happen overnight. This session will present a phased and pragmatic approach where each phase builds the foundation for the next so that you can mature your OT security strategy at your own pace and lay the ground for a converged IT/OT security architecture.

What you will learn in this session:

  • What information is needed to build an industrial network that is secure by design
  • What are the key security technologies that must be deployed immediately to secure your industrial operations
  • How to add OT to your existing IT security tools and what are the benefits of doing so
  • How to demonstrate value to both IT and OT teams and embark all stakeholders in this journey to maximize your chances of success.
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