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Unbrickable remote firmware updates for highly secure MCUs

Tobias Goebel- Watch Now - Duration: 28:17

Unbrickable remote firmware updates for highly secure MCUs
Tobias Goebel

The development of embedded software for connected devices usually follows traditional, linear “waterfall” approaches, and cannot adopt modern “agile” methods. This is due to the belief that hardware and firmware are interdependent, and that manufacturing is the final stage of the production process.

While over-the-air firmware updates are possible, they are mostly used to fix bugs or patch security holes, not to improve an existing product over time. This causes long release cycles for product innovation and costly troubleshooting. It’s time for a new approach.

We're introducing a new IoT architecture we call the microvisor-based approach, which brings:

  • Unbrickable over-the-air firmware updates,
  • A reference security implementation built on top of the must-have feature of secure boot,
  • Secure remote LIVE debugging, which allows you to log into a device and inspect/debug the code as it gets executed in the field
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