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Altaf Khan

Altaf is the CEO of Infxl LLC. Infxl, based in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of AI that runs on resource-constrained IoT devices. He started in machine learning in 1992 with the aim of chiseling away the complexity of neural nets. Altaf has developed simple, compact, low-latency, ultra-low-power deep neural nets that can be embedded in IoT edge devices.

Server and Edge AI for Tackling IIoT Data Glut

Cloud-based IIoT servers are receiving too much data, far too frequently, from an increasing number of edge devices. We present a complementary pair of AI solutions for reducing the data sent from the sensor and for efficiently processing it when it reaches the cloud server. The AI deployed at the sensor intelligently extracts insights from raw data with the help of inexpensive microcontrollers while operating on µWs of battery power. The server-side AI translates the insights received from a multitude of edge devices into decisions rapidly while employing a minimum of resources. The result is a low-latency, high-throughput cloud-based IIoT system.

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Live Q&A - Server and Edge AI for Tackling IIoT Data Glut

Live Q&A with Altaf Khan following his talk titled 'Server and Edge AI for Tackling IIoT Data Glut'

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