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Antoinette Hodes

Antoinette Hodes is global cybersecurity solutions architect and evangelist with Check Point Software Technologies Office of the CTO. A professional with 25+ years in IT, OT and cybersecurity. Antoinette writes cybersecurity articles for Cybertalk.org and speaks at events regarding cybersecurity for IT, IoT and OT environments, AI & ML in cybersecurity, the global threat landscape, sharing strategic and tactical aspects such as experience, insight, knowledge, recommendations and best practices.

Why IoT Devices Mandate a Zero Tolerance Security Architecture. Saving our Toasters, and Possibly the World!

Status: Available Now

Organizations must prioritize their strategic and tactical security requirements concerning Internet of Things (IoT) and adopt a proactive approach. This entails implementing an agnostic model that guarantees the utmost security posture. Security of IoT devices plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient and dependable operation of interconnected systems. It is of utmost importance to implement robust security controls based on the Zero Tolerance framework to safeguard data integrity, user privacy, and overall system stability.

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