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Ashley Pope

Ashley Pope is Head of Operations for Oxit, LLC, and splits her time between her home in Puerto Rico and being on-site in Oxit's Charlotte, N.C headquarters. She has worked daily for several years in the IoT consulting and product development field, focusing specifically on business operations, with experience in project managing field deployments of customer devices and solutions. Ashley was previously experienced in entrepreneurship over a variety of industry applications, educated in the power of intuitive resourcefulness, with a background in self-taught, self-motivated capability for success. She is passionate about serving within the ecosystem to increase the successful adoption of LoRaWAN and continue education on the power of IoT connectivity in business.

Deploying Mass FUOTA Updates with LoRaWAN

Status: Available Now

FUOTA is critical for IoT applications and deployments, providing future-proofing of connected device deployments and ensuring that devices will continue to operate over long lifetimes. LoRaWAN® has the unique capability among LPWANs to support FUOTA, securely and reliably delivering updates over the air to many devices at one time, while consuming ~1% of the battery capacity. Entire fleets of devices can be scheduled and updated simultaneously within 5 to 10 minutes. In this presentation, Ashley Pope from Oxit, will share use cases of mass FUOTA update across millions of devices globally, such as, in data centers across retail security, for irrigation systems, within the smart home, and for the utilities sectors. Come hear how FUOTA and LoRaWAN are already enabling interoperability, especially among devices and sensors in remote or difficult locations, to allow you quicker time to market and optimized cost efficiency.

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