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Dr Bala Murugan MS

Dr Bala Murugan MS has completed his masters from SRM University. He was awarded PhD from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai for his thesis on “An Adaptive Geo- Localized Weather Forecasting Cyber Physical System”. Dr Bala Murugan MS is part of the Smart City, Smart Village and IoT working group of Telecom Engineering Centre, Government of India. He has been part of Intel and ARM Higher Education program in offering their latest architecture to academicians. Dr Bala Murugan MS has been associated with VIT Chennai since 2014 and has received a seed grant. He has published over 17 research articles in various journals and published 2 patents. Dr. Bala Murugan MS also has designed a product called My Vitals which helps in identifying vitals of covid-19 condition as public assessment device.

Edge Computing: Reshaping the Agricultural Sector with Smart Farming Practices

Status: Available Now

In order the manage the crop efficiently and continually, a drone fitted with a camera will be used to take pictures aerially. These pictures will be transmitted to the data processing system as part of the Intelligent Crop Monitoring and Warning System. A platform built on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence processes these images. These images can help determine the stage of infestation, the crops affected, how to prevent the spread of the disease, and what types and amounts of pesticides to use. These UAVs can also protect crops from animal and human predators. The purpose of agricultural drones is to optimize agricultural operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Farmers can monitor their fields using sensors and digital imaging. Crop yields and agricultural efficiency can be improved by collecting information using agricultural drones.

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