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Colin Walls

Colin Walls has over forty years' experience in th??e electronics industry, largely dedicated to embedded software. A frequent presenter at conferences and seminars and author of numerous technical articles and three books on embedded software, Colin's most recent position was an embedded software technologist with Siemens Embedded, and he is based in the UK.

How to Measure RTOS Performance

Status: Available Now

In the world of smart phones and tablet PCs memory might be cheap, but in the more constrained universe of deeply embedded devices, such as those that support the IoT, it is still a precious resource. This is one of the many reasons why most 16- and 32-bit embedded designs rely on the services of a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS). An RTOS allows product designers to focus on the added value of their solution while delegating efficient resource (memory, peripheral, etc.) management. In addition to footprint advantages, an RTOS operates with a degree of determinism that is an essential requirement for a variety of embedded applications. This session takes a look at “typical” reported performance metrics for an RTOS in the embedded industry.

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