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Dan Ujvari

Dan started his career as a design engineer in the Advanced System Development group of National Cash Register (NCR), designing disk and tape drive controllers.  He left there to work with Signetics (now NXP).  He has worked as an applications engineer in the semiconductor sector ever since - nearly four decades.  He has patents pertaining to FPGAs, electric field theory, and cryptography.

Dan is currently the Global Education Leader for Microchip’s Security Function Group, a 50+ strong tactical group of design engineers, around the world, dedicated to assisting clients in realizing robustly secure designs. 

Dan has dedicated himself to the field of cryptography for the past two decades and is a recognized subject matter expert in cryptography.  He lectures for graduate-level students at several prestigious universities, including annual lectures at engineering colleges of Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

Locking Down IoT: The Key Role of Secure Elements

Status: Available Now

In this talk, we emphasize the pivotal role of secure elements in fortifying IoT cybersecurity. With an emphasis on safeguarding keys, secrets, and cryptographic primitives, we explore how secure elements offer robust protection. Moreover, we illustrate how integrating secure elements in IoT devices can facilitate compliance with existing and forthcoming globally recognized regulations that will shape the IoT industry. Join us to discover how secure elements can bolster IoT security and align your devices with the changing landscape of cybersecurity regulations.

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