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Enzo Alda

Enzo Alda is the founder of Lakebolt Research, a firm focused on end-user software development. His areas of interests are programming language design and implementation, parallel-reactive computing, and programming education. Formerly, he held roles at technology startups and large organizations like Oracle, Bloomberg, and Google. In 1995, while working at a storage devices startup, he invented the RAID 5 instant initialization algorithm. Before coming to the USA, Mr. Alda lectured courses in compiler construction and computer organization in Latin America. He has a B.S. degree in Software Engineering, an M.S. in Computer Science, and an MBA from The Wharton School. Mr. Alda is a member of the IEEE (1999) and the ACM (2013).

Modeling IoT Systems in a Reactive Computing Environment

Status: Available Now

IoT systems perform continuous data processing in real-time, transforming data from sensors into final results and actions. Complex IoT systems may feature multiple devices, with different hardware and real-time operating systems, yet having a common programming language to model such data transformations is a desirable property: makes it easier to simulate a complex system and verify its soundness. The presentation demonstrates a programming environment well suited for such a purpose: the audience will see how it embodies the reactive computing paradigm, why that paradigm is ideal for IoT systems, and how it is amenable to a wide-spectrum of users.

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