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Francois Baldassari

François Baldassari is the Founder and CEO of Memfault. An embedded software engineer by trade, his powerful passion for tooling and automation in software engineering drove him to start Memfault. Previous to Memfault, he ran the firmware team at Oculus and built the operating system at Pebble. François has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown. Find some of the articles François has written at: https://interrupt.memfault.com/authors/francois/

Building a bulletproof OTA update system for your IoT devices

Status: Available Now

OTA updates are used for everything from updating the firmware on an embedded device to delivering new features or content to a mobile app. Given the growing popularity and complexity of IoT devices, OTA updates have become a critical tool for managing the firmware on these devices. A robust OTA update system enables teams to resolve bugs quicker, ship more features, and keep customers happy. However, OTA updates can also pose a security risk if not implemented correctly.

To get the most out of OTA updates, it is important to follow best practices such as ensuring the device firmware update code is updateable, and testing OTA update functionality before rolling it out to a larger number of devices. Watch this presentation to learn how to build an OTA system that will ensure your IoT devices are updated safely and securely.

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