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Guenaelle Blanchet

Guenaelle Blanchet is the CEO of New Business IoT, a consulting and training company specializing in IoT. She also created IoT Matchmaker: A platform to connect everyone involved in IoT with business tools, so that vendors have access to qualified leads and customers have access to the know-how they need to achieve IoT goals.

She has a diverse career with over 15 years of experience in the following areas: Project Management, IoT Strategy, Data Management, Data Analytics (media, e-health, energy, transportation ...).

Previously, she worked as a Back End developer in R&D, Big Data consultant, IoT project manager in BI, Big Data and IoT. She has implemented innovative projects at strategic moments.

She worked in parallel for 10 years as a sound engineer and participated in disruptive and challenging electronic and computer projects.

She also has a professional background in the media world, as a blogger, amateur scriptwriter and webcast manager during 3 years in the startup environment.

She hosts an audio podcast about IoT: "the IoT podcast" (French and English) and a new one is about to be released soon.

If you see her outside of work, she is a singer and computer music enthusiast.

Chilling Out the Digital Transformation: A Deep Dive into Cold Chain Management

Status: Available Now

Join me on a journey through the cool world of cold chain management, where digital transformation takes center stage. In this engaging talk, we'll explore how technology has redefined the way we handle and safeguard perishable goods. Discover the essential role of data, sensor calibration, and seamless interactions with third-party services in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the cold chain. We'll also delve into real-world challenges and innovative solutions that have shaped this critical sector. Get ready to chill out with the latest insights on optimizing cold chain management through digital innovation.

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