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Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez is a developer advocate for Wilderness Labs, a tech company that built Meadow, an IoT platform with defense-grade security that runs full .NET Standard applications on embeddable microcontrollers.

Explore Meadow.Foundation for Seamless Integration of Sensors and Peripherals into C# .NET IoT

Status: Available Now

In this session, we'll unveil the immense potential of Meadow.Foundation, an open-source treasure trove of drivers that empowers your C# .NET IoT creations. With support for a huge range of peripherals—over 200 and counting—Meadow.Foundation opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. Imagine seamlessly incorporating standard off-the-shelf hardware, from vibrant displays to precise environmental sensors, into your projects with unparalleled ease.

We'll showcase real hardware and demonstrate how, with Meadow.Foundation, you can swiftly transform your concepts into reality. Through code demos, you'll witness firsthand how a few lines of code can breathe life into sensors and peripherals.

Whether you're a seasoned developer seeking to expedite your IoT journey or an enthusiast curious about the world of C# .NET IoT, this session is your gateway to streamlined innovation. Join us and be part of a revolution that empowers you to create with confidence and efficiency.

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