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Marc Goodner

Marc Goodner is a product manager on the C++ team focused on improving the experience for embedded developers using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub.

Using Visual Studio Code for Embedded Development

Status: Available Now

Every silicon vendor seems to have their own IDE. They often have desirable diagnostic capabilities but are lacking in terms of a modern editing experience and are tightly coupled with specialized compilers.

What if you would prefer to use Visual Studio Code instead? How can you get your embedded compilers working in that environment? Will you have the diagnostic capabilities you need? If you get things working there will that extend to your CI system? This talk will help you answer those questions:

  • Getting your compiler working
  • Deploying and debugging your firmware
  • Using embedded diagnostic capabilities like RTOS and peripheral views
  • Importing IAR and STM32 projects
  • Using GitHub Actions and CodeQL for embedded projects

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