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Nenad Ilic

Nenad Ilic is an Internet of Things specialist with more than a decade of experience. Currently, he works as a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, where he helps developers across the industry accelerate their Edge Software Development and builds infrastructure so other developers can express themselves through code. In his free time he likes to experiment with electric skateboards and share his experience with the broader community.

How to Develop IoT Applications Using RISC-V and Embedded Linux

Status: Available Now

There’s a good chance that next-generation IoT projects will start transitioning to open-source hardware running fit-for-purpose compute modules having the RISC-V architecture. This transition may be concerning to some who have been using Arm and Intel architectures for decades. In this session, learn how making this transition might be advantageous for your future projects. First, learn how to get started with embedded Linux development on RISC-V architectures, then adapt your development environment to build embedded Linux–based IoT projects, and then prepare your projects for the prototype-to-production pivot. This session provides you with the building blocks needed to start your new RISC-V based IoT project with confidence.

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