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Richard Barry

Richard Barry founded the FreeRTOS project in 2003, spent more than a decade developing and promoting FreeRTOS through his company Real Time Engineers Ltd, and now continues his work on FreeRTOS within a larger team as a senior principal engineer at Amazon Web Services. Richard graduated with 1st Class Honors in Computing for Real Time Systems, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to the development of embedded technology. Richard has also been directly involved in the startup of several companies, and authored several books.

Cloud Connect All Your Devices with FreeRTOS - From Tiny MCUs to Feature-Rich Processors

Status: Available Now

In this session, developers will learn how to use FreeRTOS products and libraries to quickly and securely connect both capable and tiny MCUs to the cloud. The first demonstration shows how device developers designing-in more capable devices benefit from FreeRTOS’s decoupled and modular C libraries and reference integrations. The second follows by showing the convenience and simplicity of using AWS IoT ExpressLink to connect even the most resource constrained MCU families.

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