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Test-Driven Development

James Grenning- Watch Now - Duration: 02:11:53

Test-Driven Development
James Grenning

If you missed this workshop at EOC earlier this year, here's a second chance to attend

Test-Driven Development is a technical practice that supports Agile's iterative and incremental development cycle. TDD helps you quickly discover mistakes, preventing defects. You weave a test safety net as you grow your product's behavior one test at a time. This safety net supports you now and in the future to help you keep code working as you change it. Oh yeah, don't let me forget to tell you it's fun and once you learn it, you save time and money.

Maybe you have heard of Test-Driven Development but don't quite get it. A good way to understand TDD is to pair program with an experienced practitioner. We will start with a brief overview and demo of Test-Driven Development. In this interactive workshop, you can practice TDD in C. You don't need to install any tools for this workshop. You'll run the exercise on my exercise server. You will know what TDD is after this session. We'll conclude the workshop with a debrief on your experience.

Before attending this workshop, it is highly recommended that you watch this talk from the 2020 Embedded Online Conference.

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