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Building an Interactive IoT Dashboard With Speech Synthesis Using Node-RED

Dr. Don Wilcher- Watch Now - Duration: 36:36

Building an Interactive IoT Dashboard With Speech Synthesis Using Node-RED
Dr. Don Wilcher
Hardware devices, Application Programming Interface (API), and online services can be wired together using a data flow-based programming tool called Node-RED. Node-RED allows developers to build IoT devices using a web browser editor quickly. A developer can create an IoT device using a variety of Node-RED widgets provided with the data flow-based programming tool. In this talk, the participant will learn the essential visual programming environment by building an IoT interactive flow dashboard with a speech synthesis demonstrator.
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Score: 0 | 3 years ago | 1 reply

Don, you put together a very nice overview of Node_RED and how easy it is to create IoT dashboards with it. There was one thing that seemed confusing, however, on slide 18 where you show 3 separate switches controlling a single output. Is that a practical application? I'm wondering what the output will be if the "on" switch is active at the same time as the "off" switch is active.

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

Hi, davek,
Thank you for your comment regarding my talk. Yes, the practicality of using three separate switches to control a single output is null. The idea behind the demonstrator was to illustrate the concept of Node-RED's flexibility in developing IoT device prototypes. The active last switch event will predicate the output based on operating two switches simultaneously. Simultaneously using two controls is impossible based on time latency and the flow-nodes reacting to the first triggered event. I hope these responses answered your question, davek.