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Enterprise Collaboration in Post-COVID world

Arun Rajasekaran- Watch Now - Duration: 43:44

Digital transformation is accelerating the evolution of IoT-to-Cloud architecture. Technology innovation from Silicon to Software, that initially was intended for cloud computing is now fast making its way to the end-point devices at the edge of the network. As a result, the edge devices are in the cusp of becoming way more smarter than they have ever been to take collaboration to the next level. Video and Audio are collaboration’s key corner stone technologies. A combination of modern Machine Learning techniques and traditional signal-processing techniques are bound to change for good how we collaborate in the future.

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Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

Great presentation, I just wanted slight clarification - are you saying that we want to generalise the interfaces and experiences by adding extra personalisation at the edge? To normalise against all of these different environments?
Or to embrace the differences and provide more bespoke solutions based on the differences and personalisation?

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

A simple basic Question: I need your definition for Collaboration in IOT world. Does it cover Designer's collaboration for IOT system OR collaboration within IOT system, i.e. Collaboration between lowest level node with the cloud through middle layers?