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The 10 Minute Embedded GUI App Development with Crank Software's Storyboard

- Crank Software- Watch Now - Duration: 10:13

A 10 minute Storyboard overview demo with Nik Schultz, Crank Software Field Application Engineer.

Crank Storyboard, a GUI design and development tool, accelerates embedded GUI development, embraces GUI design change, and maximizes GUI flexibility. It provides product teams with a streamlined, parallel workflow enabling them to collaboratively work together when creating user interfaces.

To learn more about Crank Software, visit: https://www.cranksoftware.com/

To see Crank Storyboard in action, download a free trial here: https://info.cranksoftware.com/free-trial

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Score: 0 | 3 years ago | 1 reply

Can I use it with Raspberry pi? any tutorial can you share how to do it? for controlling the gpio.

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

Hi Ravi,

Yes, we support Raspberry Pi with Storyboard. Pi 4 support is coming with Storyboard 7.0 and Pi units older than the 4 are supported with Storyboard 6.2. For GPIO, we suggest you interface with GPIO in C and use Storyboard IO to send the messages back and forth from the C program to the UI. You can read more about that here: https://support.cranksoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045250612-Prototyping-With-Storyboard-on-Raspbian-Stretch-Raspberry-PI-3B

If you have questions, feel free to head to our site and chat with our team using our live chat: www.cranksoftware.com

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | 1 reply

The start/end music is TOO loud compared to the content.

Score: 0 | 3 years ago | no reply

Hi Cat!

You're right, we'll look into getting the volume adjusted. Thank you and I hope you're enjoying the online event!