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Crank Software

Crank Software is an innovator in embedded graphics solutions that accelerate the design and development of the UI experience for tomorrow's embedded devices.

The 10 Minute Embedded GUI App Development with Crank Software's Storyboard

A 10 minute Storyboard overview demo with Nik Schultz, Crank Software Field Application Engineer.

Crank Storyboard, a GUI design and development tool, accelerates embedded GUI development, embraces GUI design change, and maximizes GUI flexibility. It provides product teams with a streamlined, parallel workflow enabling them to collaboratively work together when creating user interfaces.

To learn more about Crank Software, visit: https://www.cranksoftware.com/

To see Crank Storyboard in action, download a free trial here: https://info.cranksoftware.com/free-trial

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