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Pedro Bertoleti

Pedro works as senior software analyst at Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado (Campinas-SP, Brazil). He works with embedded Android in Android Kernel team, and also works in the embedded Android performance enhancement team. Pedro has great embedded software development experience (bare-metal, RTOS and general purpose OS), having worked in the following areas: tracking & telematics systems, electronic weight scale (both commercial and industrial) and electronic weight scale automation, payment devices (POS and PinPads) and embedded Android devices. Pedro is frequently posting and writing articles on brazilian sites and overseas sites and magazines, having some articles published on Circuit Cellar Magazine (EUA).

How LPWANs can help your IoT project

LPWANs play a major role in IoT systems, making low energy demanding and long range communication range projects possible to be done. 
In this talk, LoRaWAN and SigFox LPWANs will be discussed. This discussion goes from its ground-basics (such as explaining what are LPWANs and what they're used for) to the details and differences of LoRaWAN and SigFox and real use cases of both LPWANs. 
Talk topics:

  • What is a LPWAN?
  • Common features of LPWANs
  • Why are LPWANs so important for IoT?
  • LoRa and LoRaWAN: overview
  • SigFox: overview
  • SigFox and LoRaWAN: classes and how to use each class
  • Key factors when choosing a LPWAN for your project
  • Real use cases: SigFox
  • Real use cases: LoRaWAN 

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Live Q&A - How LPWANs can help your IoT project

Live Q&A with Pedro Bertoleti following his talk titled 'How LPWANs can help your IoT project'

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