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Steve Branam

Steve Branam is a software engineer with 40 years of experience. He has worked on several IoT projects, on both device and server side, as well as video and audio streaming systems, network routers, and storage arrays. He enjoys learning new things and sharing what he has learned with others. He's a firm believer in see one, do one, teach one.

IoT Fault Lines

Steve will outline the fault lines in the elements of the IoT triad: the embedded devices, the frontend user applications, and the backend server applications.

These fault lines are a common source of problems during development, testing, deployment, operation, and maintenance of IoT products. The goal of the presentation is to heighten awareness of them to avoid nasty surprises, and present some strategies for managing and mitigating them.

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Live Q&A - IoT Fault Lines

Live Q&A with Steve Branam following his talk 'IoT Fault Lines'

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