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Zerynth offers a platform that is designed to simplify and accelerate the development of IoT applications. It gives developers, system integrators, and businesses a way to enable IoT for their products, rapidly, all the while supported by cutting-edge security features.

How to shorten the development time of an IoT product with the Zerynth Platform

By showing a power consumption demo, we wanted to introduce the Zerynth IoT toolchain and demonstrate how easy it is to IoT enable an application (consumer or industrial) with our tools. Thanks to the combined power of Zerynth OS and Zerynth Device Manager, you can substantially reduce the time to market needed to develop an IoT product.

In this demo, an edge device sends real-time power consumption data to the Cloud. Moreover, this is a Python embedded application running on Zerynth OS sending data points securely in real-time. Watch the video to learn more.

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